Commissary Kitchen Available

Certified SNHD Inspected Kitchens Available

We have two kitchen spaces each with a three bay sink. One kitchen can be chilled for processing meats or fish. These spaces are primarily for cold preparations or to use for cleaning utensils from your food truck or event. We have tabletop fryers and stove-tops available. There is no oven or hood for significant hot cooking. 

Vacuum Packer
30qt Mixer
Panini Press
Deli Slicer
Tabletop fryers and stoves

$55 Application/Background Check Fee. Once approved, we charge $125 for assistance through the processes with the Southern Nevada Health District and drafting agreement

$250 Base monthly rate for keeping your licenses at our address.

$12 per hour in kitchen

$100mo per shelf unit in refrigerator or freezer. 6ft tall, 4ft wide, 18 inches deep

When we draft the agreement, you choose the days and times you would like to use our facility. We will reserve these periods for you each week. Your monthly cost is equal to the number of hours reserved, plus the base and any storage. 

Single Use:
To use the kitchen for a single use without a monthly agreement, you must complete our application at least three days prior to needing the space. We charge $350 to use the space for the first 6 consecutive hours. Additional hours are billed at $30hr. 

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