L.A. Prep Commercial Kitchen Space Special One Month of Rent Free!

L.A. Prep Commercial Kitchen Space Special One Month of Rent Free!

At LA Prep Lincoln Heights we are a wholesale and direct to consumer facility and have approximately 62,000 square with 54 individual kitchens (small, medium, large, prep room (no hood), and production kitchens (hooded rooms)) mailboxes, office space, locker room, conference rooms, packing room, and a demo kitchen/event center. A couple of main items to point out is that our leases are for minimum 1 year (you are the only person that will occupy the space for the term of your lease), the spaces come with gas, electric and water hook ups but our tenants bring all of their own equipment. 

We have a dock staff that will receive and ship out all of your products. We will put away your deliveries for you. In addition to the monthly rent you would be responsible for monthly fees of: Health and Safety as noted above - Health and Safety fee includes hair nets, beard bags, aprons, smocks, laundry, pest control, fire safety, hood maintenance and repair, laundry, trash, cardboard, etc Utilities, (utilities are based on your equipment and what you use, prices can literally vary from $50-$400, it just depends on what you use) If applicable dry storage ($45/month/pallet), refrigerator storage ($65/month/pallet), and freezer storage ($85/month/pallet) Community Kitchen ($10/hour) 

We have an hourly kitchen only for our tenants with active leases that is a fully equipped with 8 burner stove, double oven, refrigerator, flat top and a steamer, you can use it as extra space to prep or to do R&D work. We have a USDA office on site and your room can be customized to your business needs. If you need to be Kosher, USDA, FDA, Organic, etc. If you do not have contacts we can help and provide for you. 

We are open from 5:00am to 11:00pm Monday - Friday and 5:00am to 9:00pm Saturday - Sunday. Security Deposit: First, Last, and a Security Deposit of 1 months rent (3 months up front) 

Kitchen spaces available: 
* Kitchen or cooking 
* Demo kitchen 
* Event space 
* Teaching kitchen 

Kitchen product specialization: 
* Beverages 
* Breads, cookies, and other baked goods 
* Candy or confectionery 
* Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) 
* Dry mixes, seasonings, or rubs 
* Fermentation 
* Ready-to-eat foods (catering/chefs/food trucks) 
* Jams, jellies, and syrups 
* Sauces (BBQ, mustard, salsa) 
* Food business consulting and product development 

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