Large GREEN Catering Fully Equipped Kitchen - Near LAX

We are offering short or long-term lease space in our GREEN KITCHEN near LAX to catering or food businesses in greater LA. Our bright, energy efficient kitchen lit by multiple skylights contains a large production kitchen and food assembly area, plus a smaller separate kitchen with equipment, refrigeration and storage for the shared, but exclusive use during designated hours.

Restrooms and employee locker rooms are also shared. We consistently receive an A rating from the Health Department. Take a peek at pix...

Exclusive Access would be to A Double Door Reach In Refrigerator
Shared use of Large Walk-in Freezer
Shared use of Large Walk-in Refrigerator
Several Bakers Racks & Stainless Storage Racks

18" Fryer
48" Grill
6-Burner Stove
1 Convection Ovens
Multiple Hand Sinks
20 Qt Hobart Mixer
Commercial Blender
Multiple Stainless Steel Tables
Large Lobby for Use

Availability is 7 days a week; hours depend on the extent of your need.  Currently Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday are completely open.  Afternoon times available on Monday, Tuesday, Friday.   

We are looking for tenants who will respect the GREEN goals of our space and who will maintain the kitchen as if it were their own. Strict standards for safety and food handling must be adhered to. 

We are located at the 405 and Manchester/Florence exit. Ideal for delivery based business - we are just off the highway (405 and close to 105) so we have immediate access to North/South/East/West Los Angeles.

RATES: Average $25/hour but are contingent on tenants use, type of business, length of lease, etc. WIFI included.
TERMS: Refundable deposit required; Business License & Insurance, Food Handling Certification.


What You Do - What Is Your Business:
Desired Start Date:
Desired # of days/hours per week: 
Desired days of Operation:
Do you have a Business License:
Do you have Business Insurance:
Do you have a Food Handling Certificate:
Thank you!! We look forward to meeting you!

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