Low Cost Kitchen Space

Low Cost Kitchen Space

We manufacture craft, carbonated beverages out of a 900sq ft. facility in Orlando, and are looking for someone to sublease our commercial kitchen on off days (most days). 

We have all the necessary certifications to prepare food products -- we recently had someone sublease our space who used it to prepare hot dogs for their hot dog cart. Also, if you happen to be manufacturing food products instead of just preparing food (like we do), then this space is certified for that as well. 

Kitchen features:
- USDA and all the City and State permits.
- FDA certifications for manufacturing of food products
- Two induction burners
- 3 compartment sink 
- Freezer space in two-door freezer
- Entire refrigerator with freezer for storage (we don't use it - only for you to use)
- Storage shelves
- 900 sq ft.
- Clean bathroom
- A/C in warehouse and kitchen
- Trailer dock

Everything we have is listed above, but don't be deterred if you need some equipment that's missing. We would love to have someone sublease this space, and could work something out to get some extra equipment if you need it. 

Pricing is highly negotiable and will be dependent on the amount of intended use.

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