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A mobile food cart that instead of Hot dogs, I am going to introduce a product that is not only delicious but healthy as well; BBQ Turkey Breast. I am in need of a kitchen with a grill so that I can prepare the meat to temperature designated for product that in no way will be dangerous to any one. Bring it down in temp. then grill it on site cut into bite side pieces and serve on a skewer. I will proof bread stix and bake at site where my biz will start each day. Please if you have a commercial kitchen that is in the west Valley of Phoenix, "preferably closer to Peoria" and would like a clean dedicated new business, in your facility now and again, please consider me and mine . Highest Regard Ms. McGuire

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 Meaning of Sheef, 09-06-2018 02:16AM

By: Brooke

When a woman queefs & shits simultaniously. Similar to that of a shart.
"She was riding me reverse cowboy and got so aroused that she sheefed all over my chest & face!"

"Omg, I sheefed on Billy last night! It stunk so bad!"

"I was eating her pussy & when I stopped to catch my breath, she blew a humungous sheef right in my mouth. I think she had a ham sandwich for lunch."