1600ft Shared Commercial Kitchen Space For Rent

1,600 sq ft. Code Compliant, up to date, Certified Vegan and Certified Gluten Free kitchen space available for rent by the hour or day.  

The space is a manufacturing facility of vegan and gluten free desserts, so one of the main and several stipulations of using this space, is that your product must be a dedicated vegan and gluten free product.  

There are also no gas stoves or ovens. So baking is unavailable due to fire code of the building. However small inductions burners are fine. We use large crock pots to heat one of our main ingredients up, so a small and safe heat source is fine.  

You will have the use of 6x 8 ft stainless steel counter top space, a three bay dish sink, a dishwasher, a large freezer and a small freezer and fridge. Big windows for lots of natural light. Speakers to listen to your music.  

There is a lot of storage space for all your stuff that can be segregated and kept safe if you choose to leave some machinery here.  

$15 an hour for usage and that includes all utilities, AC/heat/water/electricity, label machine, dishwasher.  

This is a very nice space and we keep it immaculately clean.

Warren, Rhode Island, Handkerchief Factory

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