Available Space In Commercial Kitchen in Belmont, CA

"Kitchen 519" is a commercial kitchen in Belmont CA. The warehouse/kitchen space about 1200sq ft in total (about 600sq ft is the kitchen). We are looking for only a couple of businesses to share the space. We are mostly a confectioner/package products or light catering kitchen.
We're looking for companies with compatible hours to the other businesses currently renting - ideally, people who would like afternoons, nights or weekends. Schedule is negotiable depending on usage/storage needs. We prefer a product-business vs catering (like jam, pickling, juices, confectionery etc) because the kitchen is currently used primarily as a confectioners kitchen.
Kitchen/Warehouse includes: - two 6-burner commercial gas oven range - 10' x 16' walk-in refrigerator - reach-in freezer - two 6' prep areas with sinks and additional work tables - shelving in warehouse & kitchen for storage. We have a Facebook page where pictures of the kitchen can be viewed, https://www.facebook.com/Kitchen519Belmont/
Please contact us at [email protected] 

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