California's Premier Cannabis Shared-Kitchens

California's Premier Cannabis Shared-Kitchens

My Green Network is California’s premier cannabis kitchen coworking space offering the perfect solution from cannabis entrepreneur to enterprise.

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Own your California Cannabis Manufacturing License (we guarantee it) and sell legally in the California cannabis market. Limited spaces are available and we’re filling up fast in our early-bird program at approximately 70% capacity. We’re set to open in July 2020.

Our Philosophy: Leaders. Empowering. Community.

We’re Fully Equipped with 7 Stations including:

COMMERCIAL KITCHENS with burners, ovens, standing mixers, and all standard needs along with specialized equipment such as chocolate tempering machines, heat sealers, bottling, and more for any edible, beverage, or topical manufacturing.

HYBRID STATIONS/PREP & PACKAGING AREAS are perfect for people who just want packaging, assembly, or potentially other manufactured cannabis goods.

COMMUNITY SPACE is perfect for private cannabis cooking classes, private cannabis pop up dinners and more. Work along 30 other cannabis kitchen businesses in collaboration with benefits like 24/7 access, all-day coffee, and more.

OWN A CALIFORNIA CANNABIS LICENSE – You will own a California cannabis manufacturing license allowing you to create and sell any edible or beverage product and much more. This is a direct entry into California’s legal recreational cannabis industry.

SELL THROUGHOUT CALIFORNIA – Your cannabis manufacturing license allows you to sell your medicated edibles, topicals, and beverages throughout the state of California. We even have the cannabis licenses to transport your products wholesale or to consumers.

NO CANNABIS EXPERIENCE REQUIRED – There is no cannabis experience required, our Cannabis Compliance Certification program taught by our experts will teach you how to lawfully operate and follow California cannabis laws and regulations.

FULLY INTEGRATED – We have legal sources of any THC/CBD infusion ready extracts, distillates, or flower. We have a complete network to resolve any cannabis industry question you have with 6+ years of lawful cannabis operating experience.

THC/CBD FORMULATION – Work with our Michelin-trained chef in perfecting your own THC/CBD formulation for optimal results to meet California requirements.

STRATEGICALLY LOCATED – We’re located in Orange County, centrally located to service all of Southern California with 20 million residents and 50 million tourists annually.

At MyGN, We’re turning cannabis dreams into reality.

Start Smart. Go Green the Way You Want.

Please contact us for licensing fee schedule, price breakdown, and membership plans.

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