Charity Needs Kitchen 4 Cookies!

Family Charity Needs a Kitchen to Bake Cookies.
We Need a Temporary Kitchen to Bake our Cookies Monthly!
We are a Start Up!

Kitchen Area MUST of course be air conditioned , baking Chocolate Chip Cookies .

Ovens can not be shared with Cooking meats,etc. Only Baked goods ,cookies ,cakes,etc.

Please Contact :
Mark Chesney| Founder Director
My Charity 4 Kids | Volunteer One

Call to find out more Info on this Project.
NEW Recipes for our National Cookie Campaign!

We're looking for delicious & healthy recipes for our new line of ALL-NATURAL and Non-GMO Cookies to be offered Locally and Nationally.

We will be needing at least 2-3 cookies to begin.

Schools: Represent your school or yourself by helping to create a special cookie.

Contact Information