Clean, Spacious, Bright, Well Equiped Kitchen 85044

Clean, Spacious, Bright, Well Equiped Kitchen 85044
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I am a caterer. This is my kitchen and I have room to lease to the right small business. It's a shared commercial kitchen space. It's not a restaurant, nor is it approved for gray water disposal. It is located in Phoenix near 48th street and Warner Road, zip code 85044.  Starting rate of $600 a month is for a max of 40 hours per month with 1-2 of your staff using the kitchen at any given time. Rate includes some storage. If $600 is more than your lease budget allows, then I'm afraid we are not the right space for you as we don’t have any options for less than 40 hours a month. If you need peak operating hours, additional hours, have several staff members or significant storage needs, the price will be higher. By law, tenants will be required to schedule an inspection and obtain a food establishment permit through Maricopa County Environmental Services. This is a well equipped kitchen, we do not have available floor space for tenant equipment such as ice cream machines, chest freezers, etc. All tenant equipment must be able to be stored on their assigned rack shelves. For consideration, please send an email with the following information. Due to the large response of this ad, inquiries who don’t provide these details will not be responded to.

  • Name and type of business
  • Number of years in operation
  • Have you leased space in a commercial kitchen. If so why are/ did you leave?
  • Describe the your anticipated days and hours of use of the kitchen
  • Phone number and email

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 Clean Kitchen, 11-04-2019 01:50PM

By: Betsy

I enjoyed my time here. Decided to give up the business but I'd recommend this kitchen to others