Commercial Kitchen Available for Chef

Commercial kitchen for rent in Santa Clarita, kitchen is fully furnished & has 2 add. small rooms in the back for dish washing & freezer & back door for deliveries. Brandnew 3 sink pressure wash in back room. Kitchen is small, but we have an huge outside patio for grilling & 30 acres to have weddings, corporate picnics & functions, parties, fairs & festivals & therefore beeing able to feed 1000's. This restaurant has exclusive foodrights to this property, where about 250 people live on site in Rv's.They have cars & jobs in Santa Clarita & LA etc. Restaurant owner is Event Producer. Rent of property is 25% of Chef's income or $2,500 per month. As an event producer, restaurant owner shall generate outdoors event business & revenues will benefit the Chef, restaurant owner & event & restaurant business. Hours of indoors/outdoors private events are not limited in hours & outdoor grounds are able to accommodate 1000's of on site guests & therefore this it a  great opportunity & rare to find  for the right business minded Chef! Please call us if interested: (661) 268 0272. Sohy's Country Kitchen (& Event Center). (Landline - no texts)(In case you want to text us, please upload "WhatsApp" to your computer, i-Pad or Cell phone devise & text us on "WhatsApp". Calls & texts are free - so is WhatsApp upload. Please see some property pictures on our website below. Thank you Looking forward to your call. Warm regards, Sohy www. 562 217 9465) - Cell phone does only work, if we are 5 miles away from our grounds. We thereforeuse WhatsApp for calling & texting.

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