Commercial Kitchen for Rent - Milton, N.Y.

Commercial Kitchen for Rent

For Bread and Pastry

Main Street, Milton, New York, 12589


Here at Frida’s Bakery we understand the inherent challenges of getting a food business off the ground and we’re here to help!

You can’t manufacture or prepare food for sale out of your home, and the high cost of building a licensed commercial kitchen including tools, and equipment (on top of purchasing or leasing space) can easily put your dreams out of reach. On top of the expense, there are significant regulatory and licensing hurdles relating to commercial food preparation. So why not rent our kitchen to get started? 

If you’re a bread or pastry entrepreneur we offer a fully equipped commercial kitchen as follows;

Rotating Convection Oven

Pavailler Deck Oven


30 Qt & 50 Qt Mixing Bowls

2 x Dough Dividers

Baguette Maker


Bagel Boiler

Walk in Refrigerator

Walk in Freezer
Industrial Dishwasher

Speed Racks

Sheet Trays


Own Insurance Required


Designated kitchen space is available for use on an hourly basis. We can work with you to schedule time for anywhere from a one-time use, to reserving regular recurring time slots. Kitchen spaces are available for reservation between 1pm and 4am 7 days a week, on a first-come, first-serve basis.


For more information, rates, photos or to arrange a viewing please call 845 795 5550

or email [email protected]

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