Commercial Kitchen for RENT on Retreat Property Hinsdale, MA

Commercial Kitchen for RENT on Retreat Property

Hinsdale, MA


We have a commercial kitchen located on a lakeside retreat property for rent from April - September, 2020. The kitchen has storage space available, a bathroom, ovens, sinks, refrigerators, dishwashers, large walk-in freezer, and an assortment of pots/pans/trays/cooking utensils/ mixers/racks/ etc.


We are seeking professional food proprietors/small companies/owner operators who are clean and professional to help us rework the kitchen and serve our small retreat groups throughout the season in exchange.


This space can be a great fit for start-ups or established businesses needing extra space. 

  • Caterers, chefs and party planners looking for a conveniently located kitchen

  • Small food businesses looking to grow and in need of a commercial kitchen of their own

  • Food entrepreneurs who need an incubator to cook and experiment with new recipes

  • Food Photographers looking for a studio with bountiful natural light

  • Culinary teachers looking for a space to hold classes and lectures

Please contact by email or phone to view photos, discuss details, or setup a time to view the space. 


Brent Osborne 

[email protected]

(845) 664-2373


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