Commercial Kitchen, Lake Forest

Looking to start your own catering company? Want to try out a recipe you have and see if you can take it to market? You'll need a certified commercial kitchen for that and that is exactly what we have. We also had an idea and started our catering company. We have since outgrown our current kitchen and have moved our operations to a bigger space. Now we want to give this opportunity to other entrepreneurs who want to take a shot at the culinary industry. ((We know it cost a lot to get started and most places you find will either require an hourly rate ($40+) and limited schedule of use for the kitchen. We have one caterer in our kitchen... but have plenty of space to accommodate another. The kitchen is available 24/7... 7 days a week. It has a double deck oven, stove, full walk-in fridge and freezer and plenty of storage. We are located in an industrial park so we don't have a storefront meaning you will be able to focus on your cooking without having to worry about customers coming in. Location is close to the 405 and 5 freeways. Cross street is Moulton and Research in Lake Forest. ((Rent out our kitchen. For $1000 a month you get to pick how many hours you need the kitchen and it includes the utilities as well. So if you want to give your culinary passion a shot - we're here. If you want to expand your current business - we're a perfect setup. We have the health permit and are certified. ((Please email us at: [email protected] ((If you need less time or don't want to spend $1000 a month - we are flexible. ((Thanks! (

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