Commercial Kitchen Membership

B-More Kitchen is a food incubator kitchen dedicated to helping small businesses launch and/or grow. 
We offer Full-time and Nights & Weekends memberships. Full-time members get 24/7 access to the facility, while Nights & Weekends members can use the kitchen Monday through Friday from 7pm to 7am and 24 hours a day Saturday and Sunday. 
Our member-businesses get dedicated prep table space, dedicated storage space, as well as use of our shared commercial cooking equipment. Our 10,000 sf kitchen facility includes a six burner range and standard oven, stock pot ranges/candy stoves, 4 burner range and standard oven, tilt skillet, charbroiler, griddle, double deck convection ovens, 30 quart mixers, 60 quart mixer, hot hold oven, dough proofers, and a dough retarding refrigerator. We also have a large dry storage area, walk-in cooler, and walk-in freezer.
Next to the kitchen we have open office and lounge space for when you need to sit down and take a break or do some work on the computer. 

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