The only reliable professional commercial kitchen in South Florida.

The ONLY truly experienced well educated Kitchen Incubators in South FloridaManny unreliable people are setting up commercial kitchens in Miami.  Are you going to place the future of your culinary venture on unknow facilities? I know I wont.

We cater to you.  We have the know how and that's what you need when you start up.  We are Masters of Business; Masters of Marketing; 30 years experience in the restaurant business.  You don't just want a place to work; YOU want a place to do your business.                   COMMERCIAL KITCHEN 305 is the ultimate place to set up and elevate your culinarey business to the next level.  The others may be here today but are they going to be here tomorrow when you grow and need them the most.  When you make your kitchen commitment make sure consider all the facts or otherwise you'll see yourself loosing everything you worked for.  Don't trust small talk.  Ask for experience that counts.  

Over 40 satisfied members.  Clean report from both DBPR - Hotel & Restaurant and FDACS - Dept of Agriculture.  Our kitchen is opened 24/7.  EVERYDAY OF THE YEAR, WE ARE HEAR! 

  • 2 separate Kitchens
  • 30 burnes
  • 15 ovens
  • 6 mixers
  • 3 flat grill
  • 2 proofers/warmer
  • 2 griller
  • Tilt Kettle
  • Spice racks
  • Dihydretors
  • Food processors
  • Blenders
  • Shrimp peeler
  • Many speed cards and trays
  • Plenty of cooling and dry space                                                                    


If you are ready to start your culinary venture; then CK305  is where you need to start with all the support you need.


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