Our facility is located in Alexandria, Virginia:

1.       Location is conveniently close to 395, 495, and only ten miles from Washington D.C.

2.       Supply source at Restaurant Depot is two miles away.


Our Facility has 2 Kitchens:

1.       The Deli carryout and mini Specialty Food Grocery, as permitted by Alexandria Health Department.

2.       The Manufacturing area, inspected by Food Safety and Inspection Service of

 USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), and VDACS (Virginia Department of Agriculture &   Consumer Service).


We have two commercial kitchens to share, available seven days a week.  Cold food Prep. work station or kitchen is available to be rented daily (8 hours Min.), weekly or monthly. (Limited Space)


Our mission is to provide a working opportunity for:

1.       Farmer’s market vendors

2.       Home Base chefs

3.       Private Caterers

4.       Wholesale Food Producers


Type of products that can be produced at this facility with the right Business License.

1.       Prepared meal products, for immediate consumption.

2.       Prepared frozen ready-to-cook box meals.

3.       Manufactured products that can be packaged, sold online, or distributed to local retail or specialty stores.

4.       This is a USDA plant, so manufactured meat products can be frozen, packaged for wholesale distributors, and sold outside of Virginia to other parts of the country.  (USDA permit required).

*We have a loading dock for delivery of big volume products on pallet.


You must have a Business License, Food Manager Certificate and Liability Insurance to rent.


My Email address is [email protected], If you are interested, Please send us your name, Email address, cellphone number and best time to call.

Contact Information

  • 820 S. Pickett St. Alexandria, VA 22304
    Alexandria, 22304
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  • Phone: 703-200-5541
  • Fax: 703-823-0491
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