Timeshare Restaurant - Commissary Kitchen

Timeshare Restaurant - Commissary Kitchen

We are the first Timeshare Restaurant in the Country! and also the only Commissary Kitchen that helps you make $$$, instead of just paying to use it! .

Have you always wanted to open your own restaurant but you don't have the financial resources to do it?

Well, here's your chance to start your food business at a very affordable price and most importantly without the risk of losing 100's of thousands of dollars $$$$$$!

We've heard and witnessed many horrific stories from family and friends who lost it all trying to open a restaurant and We Say NO MORE!

That's why We created the first Timeshare Restaurant in the Nation!

A place where you can store, prep, cook, sell and make a profit under the same roof!

How does it work?
It is very simple, You just buy the hours you want to sell in the restaurant and that's it! As simple as renting a movie by the hour, the only tiny difference is that you can make money renting a restaurant!

Our mission is to support, promote and expose our local cuisine talent to the FoCo community!.



Food trucks/carts, carters, chefs, manufactures, drink makers, bakers"

Are you tired of throwing your money away in a one way commissary?
- One way commissary definition: A commissary that gladly takes your hard earned money and does nothing to help you succeed.

Quit being a customer and become a partner by joining our organization...

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If you are ready to take your company to the next level, join our organization right away!.



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