DER Kitchen

DER Kitchen is now OPEN in the downtown area of Columbia, South Carolina. The kitchen has three areas:  catering kitchen, baking kitchen and prep/storage area.  

The catering kitchen has a 6 burner range with standard oven, two basket fryer, prep sink and two preparation tables.  We are looking for a flat-top griddle to add to this area.  

The baking kitchen will have a double stack Blodgett convection oven, proofer, 20 qt mixer and maple top work table.  

The prep/storage area has a 6x6 walk-in refrigerator, 4x6 walk-in freezer, reach-in refrigerator, stainless steel prep table and lots of shelves for dry storage.  

Most all of the equipment is natural gas.  Each kitchen will be rented separately.  Rates and additional information is available at

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