Commercial Kitchen, ~ One Stop Shopping

Commercial Kitchen, ~ One Stop Shopping

DHEC kitchens for rent. We have 3 Seperate Dhec Kitchens for lease with one being dually certified with FDA.

We offer 6 and 12 months leases. We have open spots.  We offer many additional services.

*We start our basic leases at  $450.00 a month for a 6 or 12 month lease.

*Food Truck/Trailer parking and power stations.

* Call  or  Email for details: Sandy Reddy : 

Email :  [email protected] 

Lots of Equipment for your use.

* 30 qt Mixer

* 2 dr Commercial Refrigerator

* Prep Tables

* Convection Ovens

*Top Burners

* Walk-in coolers

* Dry Storage

* Loading areas

* Bulk Storage

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