Do you need a commercial kitchen to rent?

I'm doing a market survey for the Russell County-Muscogee County market area to determine if there is a demand for a shared commercial kitchen.

I have a need to rent a kitchen and was wondering if there are other people looking for the same thing in order to produce their goods. If there is an interest, please notify me via email.

If the demand is there, I am considering openening a shared commercial kitchen wich will be available for cooks and caterers to produce their remarkable goods.

My email address is [email protected]. Also, if you have a commercial kitchen that you will rent out in this market area, please contact me as well.

Also, there are ways to recover the expense of renting a commercial ktichen. If you have a product that can be service the customers as a take out, I would also like to hear from you as well.

Any ideas, suggestions or recommendations are welcomed.


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