Frontier Kitchen in Lorton, VA

Frontier Kitchen in Lorton, VA

Frontier Kitchen Opening in Lorton, VA
1 September 2015

Frontier Kitchen is a culinary business incubator; our objective is to help you grow your business to sustainable and viable for our community.  We have the tools and expertise you need to launch your new food business, grow your food business out of your home and/or expand your food business to take on bigger accounts.

We offer fully certified commercial kitchen space for both new and established small food businesses.  Our Haymarket facility is especially well suited for businesses who need space to increase production.   Our walk-ins and storage room allow for the ability to keep your supplies on site and our staff will take your deliveries without you needing to be waiting for the trucks.

We also offer all of our members as many opportunities as possible to find the right audience for your products.  Our Events and Catering department works with many organizations to put on everything from weddings and birthday parties to large community events and festivals.  Our wholesale and distribution department arrange tastings and meetings with stores and others that may be interested in carrying your products on their shelves.  In development this fall will be Frontier Kitchen delivery services for our wholesale distribution.  There is MUCH more to come.

We also offer depot services for food trucks.  Cleaning, storage, grease disposal, free parking and location agreements for you to sell without fear of tickets.  

Visit our website at or email us at [email protected] to find out more about membership.

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