Ghost Kitchen

Ghost Kitchen is a new facility serving food professionals in the greater Charleston and North Charleston area. We will be opening in August of 2020. Ghost Kitchen offers 10 reservable cooking stations of new equipment with individual hoods, parking and plug-ins for 20 food trucks/trailers, plenty of cooler, freezer, and dry storage, greywater and cooking oil disposal, truck/trailer wash, and a high level of security and service. Tenants will have 24-hour access. This facility is ideal for food truck/trailer operators, food product producers, small caterers, and ghost restaurateurs.  We have special parking and secure entrance for food delivery people to pick up your orders going out. Applications will be taken in July. Come and join this community of food professionals that operate in a mutually supportive, sanitary, and respectful environment. Steve Wenger has over 40 years of experience in the food industry, and wants you to succeed.

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