KITCHEN SPOKANE: Health Dept Approved Commercial Kitchen for rent hourly

KITCHEN SPOKANE: Health Dept Approved Commercial Kitchen for rent hourly
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KITCHEN SPOKANE is a Commercial Kitchen specially designed for the Food Industry. Our facility is available for rental hourly.

KITCHEN SPOKANE allows entrepreneurs and small businesses in the Food industry to Develop their business at a fraction of the cost, helping them maximize their profits.

Our facility is stocked with all the Commercial Kitchen Equipment necessary to build and grow your Food business, You will get a jump on your competition by saving literally thousands of dollars in start-up costs.

Conveniently located only blocks from the I-90 Pines Rd exit in the Spokane Valley, our facility is Fully-Approved by the Health Dept and Dept of Agriculture- meeting the necessary guidelines for all your food processing requirements.

Some Amenity highlights include:
• Flat-top grill •6-burner stove • Convection ovens 
• Deep fryer  freezer  Walk-in cooler 
 Dry store space  Wireless i-net  Range hood 
 Loading dock  30 quart mixer  Dishwasher

Our clients typically sign a short-term agreement, and rent hourly. A $100 fully-refundable cleaning deposit is standard during the term of your agreement.

We are equipped with a loading dock and paved service ramp for accepting Large bulk-deliveries; and for a nominal fee have long-term storage facilities available to you for safely holding large quantities of your Dry Goods, and both Frozen and Refrigerated Food products. 

Our Storage rates are the most competitive in the Pacific Northwest for this industry .

For more details, contact (509) 868-7710, or email [email protected]


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 A must have for an emerging small businesses, 10-06-2014 10:30PM

By: Kitchen

Excellent availability!