I NEED kitchen for rent/ghost kitchen

Hello, interested in rental options to rent for my catering business during this pandemic crisis, and beyond. Below I’ve attached a description of my catering business. Please contact with any additional information or pictures you may have including rates and eligibility. Thanks in advance.

While some argue that the desire
of food isnt nearly as important as the need
for food, I firmly believe one shouldn't have to
forfeit "taste"or true satisfaction due to monetary restrictions. When funds lack, people tend to settle for bland, unwanted, go-to dishes that only remind them of the state they're in. With Tastebuds, we intend on every culinary experience to be satisfying, memorable and one-of-a-kind; regardless of budget. Whether it's feeding the homeless, families of newly weds, or local millennials looking to be impressed, Tastebuds will always accept the challenge to excite your Tastebuds.

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