Imagine Kitchen

Imagine Kitchen
At Imagine Kitchen our purpose and passion is to offer a professional kitchen facility and services for chefs and food artisans who need a great space to start and grow their food businesses.
Imagine Kitchen offers food prep space, cooking equipment, cooking tools, food and tool storage, meeting/demonstration space, and a small photography studio space with the necessary backdrop and lighting for food and other product photography.  
Our kitchen and photo studio can be rented hourly and our clients can easily manage their schedule through our custom-developed scheduling website.  
Why use our professional kitchen?
  • Safe location with secured access available 24/7/365
  • Professionally permitted and DHEC approved kitchen space dedicated to YOU growing your food business
  • Efficient use of time in the kitchen - i.e. increasing your capacity for food production, use of a dishwasher, and no pack-in/pack-out if using our secure, onsite storage
  • Super convenient, real-time online scheduling tool so you can see all available timeslots and set your schedule in advance or as needed
  • EXCLUSIVE use of our kitchen space during your scheduled hours
  • Commercial grade equipment available for your use
  • 90 sq feet of tabletop workspace
  • Free wi-fi onsite
  • Meeting space for your client consultations
We’re here to help you build your business and bring your culinary vision to life!  More info at  

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