Keto Carryout


My name is Jessica Heindell. My sister and I have decided to start a food service business (Keto Carry-Out) in which we prepare individual food items and take them to pickup locations for customers. We have not started selling just yet, we are working on finalizing the business aspects/menus/pricing/etc.

We had a location to cook but that location has since fallen through for us. We have received our Servesafe license, Ohio Department Of Health certification, and have a business LLC on file.

We are looking for a commercial kitchen where we can prep/cook 1-3 days a week (TBD). Our desire would be to leave our ingredients/supplies at the location where possible. Our volume is yet to be determined at this time because we have not started selling just yet.

We would like to discuss rent options with you, potentially a graduated scale, or a % of sales as we bring them in.

Please give us a call to discuss if you would be willing to help us out.

Kind regards

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