Kitchen Co-op

The Kitchen Co-op provides a 1400 square foot commercial kitchen space for food entrepreneurs. The facility, which is explained in detail on our kitchen page, offers young food businesses a place they can call home.

Kitchen Co-op’s main mission is to cultivate food entrepreneurs as they formalize and grow their businesses by providing affordable commercial kitchen space.  The Kitchen Co-op is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and is rented by the shift (4 Hours) and reserved on a scheduling system that's first come first served. Approved users can make reservations up to three months in advance for the space and equipment they will need.
Our Kitchens

Our kitchen has four available kitchen areas equiped the following
* 2 Microwaves
* Chocolate tempering machine
* Convection Ovens: 2 double-stacked, natural gas and electric oven
* 6-Burner Range: gas range with convection oven and 24 inch griddle
* Mixer: 30 quart, 20 quart mixer, 7 quart
* Dehydrating machine
* Stainless steel worktables and sinks
* Stainless steel shelves
* Coffee machine
* Pan racks
* Sheet Pans
* Mobile stainless steel worktables
* Food processor, blender
* Small wares

Dry and Refrigerated Storage:
Storage is available for monthly or overnight rental. Rates vary depending on the amount of space that's rented

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