Kitchen Needed For No Bake, Mix Only Products


I am the owner and founder of Cordially Yours Cake Truffles here in Charlotte, NC. My products are no bake and made to order. They need no refrigeration nor storage of any kind as the orders will go out as they are produced. There is never a need for a stove, I will only need space to mix and produce my truffles. I will bring my own chocolate melting pot and everything else I need to produce my products.

I am in need of a commercial kitchen and will be searching for a permanent location so that I may produce from my own kitchen. The time needed with each order will vary but will probably only be up to a max of 4 hours for extremely large orders.

Can you please provide me a price quote and location of your kitchen?
Also, what requirements will be needed to use your kitchen? My business is registered in the state of NC.

Thank you for your time,

Aviyah Chaverim
Home: 703-868-7478

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