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Welcome to Whimsy’s Kitchen where the culinary magic happens!

Whimsy’s Kitchen is a launchpad for your food or beverage concept. A big barrier to starting a food business is the expense of building out or leasing a commercial kitchen. Furthermore, there are tremendous expenses involved in running a large commercial kitchen. Whimsy’s Kitchen exists to help you overcome that obstacle. We are a fully-equipped, commercially- licensed, shared-use kitchen in Tacoma, Washington, allowing you to build your business on an as-needed basis with lowered risk and minimized start-up costs.  Please visit our website for more information and if you would like to move forward please fill out our online application form found on our website under the membership tab.

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 Gross Negligence, 09-06-2022 11:16PM

By: Cheese

The amount of health code violations in this facility are astounding. Personally observed another tenant open the oven and MOUNDS of rat fecal matter were inside, as well as on top of the HVAC vents.

Rat infestation. Owner has her mind on too many things.. From the venue, the cater company she is attempting to open, the wedding planning, design business, and her other outside businesses.. Its clear she has too many eggs in her basket and this kitchen is unfortunately one that slipped out.. Its not well taken care of and to be charge exuberant fees and prices for the quality of what you get, its not worth it.