Large Airy Commercial Kitchen in San Francisco

Location: Portola/Bayview, San Francisco Kitchen space: Approximately 41’ x 22’ of private space; 4 stainless steel work tables, 2 metro racks; access to dish pit, prep sink and handwashing station. Other part of kitchen is used by another company. More space and equipment can be negotiated. 98 health score rating. Cooking line: 20’ long, 5 ovens, 16 burners Walk-in space: Approximately 6’ x 4’. More space can be negotiated. Freezer space: Room available for you to rent or buy up to 4 reach-in freezers Employees: Fits 10 comfortably but flexible. Outdoor space: There is outdoor space that can be used for additional storage or growing produce in planter boxes. There is also a fig and apple tree.

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