LEAP Kitchen

LEAP Kitchen

The LEAP Kitchen is a shared cooking space with a fully equipped, licensed commercial kitchen designed for a variety of food businesses.

We help our members through mentorship, and by providing access to markets and other business opportunities.

Who can use The LEAP Kitchen?
The LEAP Kitchen is set up for many types of food businesses, including (but not limited to) bakers, value-added producers (salsa, jam/jelly, pickles, etc.) and manufacturers, food truck/cart operators, caterers, pop-up events (tables and chairs provided on a covered patio), community/civic/religious/school groups, private production, and small cooking classes.

How does it work?
The LEAP Kitchen is rented on an hourly basis. Members are granted unlimited 24/7 access with their own dedicated key fob. Scheduling is done through an online calendar system.

The LEAP Kitchen is split into two spaces that can be used simultaneously by two different businesses. The Hot Kitchen is equipped with a 6 burner range and oven along with cooler space, table space, and a few pots and pans. The Bake Kitchen comes with a 20 qt. mixer, double convection oven, more table space, and an induction burner. Both Kitchens share a walk-in cooler, reach-in freezer, and dish washing area with three-compartment sink. Long term storage, including cooler, freezer, and dry, is available for a monthly fee.

How do I find out more?
Contact the LEAP Kitchen Manager via The Kitchen Door if you have any questions or want to schedule a tour.

Where do I sign up?
Contact the LEAP Kitchen Manager via the Kitchen Door if you have any questions or want to schedule a tour first.

Where is it?
The LEAP Kitchen is co-located with the Freedom First Credit Union branch at 1210 Patterson Ave SW, Roanoke VA 24016, in Roanoke’s West End neighborhood. Head to the back half of the building to enter the kitchen.

Can I see it?
Sure! Appointments are required for a tour. Contact the LEAP Kitchen Manager via The Kitchen Door to set up an appointment or learn more!

“We came to LEAP about a year ago when the kitchen we were renting, the building sold. So we were looking for something temporarily until we found a new building, and we absolutely fell in love with the place. Our overhead has gone down about 40% from being here. Other than that, it’s just been really great to work with. The schedule works really great, the equipment’s been great, the kitchen’s always clean after everybody uses it, which is nice. Other than that, we’re just very, very happy.” -A LEAP Kitchen User


-Initial Tour and Open House: Free
-LEAP offers tours of the Kitchen by appointment only. Please do not arrive at the kitchen and ask for a tour unannounced.
-Orientation and Application Fee: $50 (Includes facility orientation, outline of safety and sanitation requirements)
-Annual Membership: $100/year
-User Fees: $20/hour per production area (Hot Kitchen or Bake Kitchen)
-Discounted User Rate: $15/hour per production area for certain businesses.
-See our website for more details: leapforlocalfood.org/kitchen

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