Lemon & Sage Artisan Kitchens, Bakery & Market -- Culinary Incubator with Storefront

Lemon & Sage is a culinary incubator designed to help you find your place in our local food industry. Besides offering you a place to rent commercial kitchen space, we strive to build our own special culture of collaboration with our "coworkers".

Our facilities are approved by the Department of Agriculture and the County Health Department, and are intended for multiple uses: production of food for commercial sale, pop-up restaurants, cooking classes, lunch service, food truck commissary, etc. If it's food related, we can do it!

Rates vary by monthly plan. You are never locked into a long-term contract, and can use the space as needed.  Rates range from $12.49-$18.00 per hour. A minimum of $299 per month is required to act as commissary for food trucks. This includes 20 hours of prep time in the kitchen. **See below for our full commissary policy.

You can sell your product in our storefront too! If it's made on site, we charge a 20% commission on gross sales. If product comes from an outside vendor, we charge a 30% commission. You set your own prices, and we'll let you know if stock is running low.

We also have special event pricing for cooking classes and pop-up restaurants. This is separate from regular kitchen use, and does not require a monthly membership. 

Cooking Class: For $44 per hour (2 hour minimum), you have full use of four cooking stations and a loft with dining tables. Stations must be cleaned and ready for others at the end of the booked time. You may continue using the loft after the booked time. Example: Three hour class with 30 min. prep in loft, 2 hours cook and clean time in kitchens, and 30-60 minute wrap-up in loft, would cost $88. You may take your own payments, or we can process payment for you. Pre-payment is recommended.

Pop-up Restaurant: 25% of gross sales up to $440. You will have access to all downstairs stations. Access to the loft and store from 5 pm until close is also included. We clear out the store and provide seating and basic plates, glasses, and silverware. You can take your own payments, or we can process payment on site for you.

Our main priority, at Lemon & Sage, is to help your business succeed. We believe in keeping it local, fresh, and delicious! 


Commissary Rules for Food Trucks

Lemon & Sage was initially established as a facility for use by bakers, specialty food producers, and other small businesses not affiliated with food trucks. As such, we have limited storage space, and do not have the capability to accommodate very many food trucks. As demand is very high, we are strict with our requirements:

1. There is a minimum commissary fee of $299. This includes 20 hours of kitchen use, access to dishwashing facilities, clean water, etc. Please do not ask for a reduction of this fee—we have to pay our bills! 

2. Your first month’s rent payment is due before we will sign a commissary form. It will be held as a deposit, and applied once you have had your inspection and started business. 

3. Complete an inspection with the Health Department. You must schedule an appointment and successfully complete an inspection with the Health Department before beginning operation of your business.

4. Rent payments must be made on time. If your rent payments are not kept up-to-date, we will assume you are using another commissary and terminate your kitchen access, as well as your commissary agreement.

5. Follow the rules set out by the Health Department. When we sign your commissary form, we are taking responsibility for your proper use of our commissary services. Please follow the rules, and don’t risk the public health. We have a very good relationship with our inspectors, and would like to keep it that way.

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