Massive Kitchen for Rent

Large, Open 4000 square foot air conditioned, fully equipped facility with massive walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer.  Large work, open stations and loading doc.  
Looking for Professional and Clean Caterers.  Certain areas of the kitchen are blocked off due to U S D A preparations.  Long Term and Short Term.  Weekly Payments are due on Mondays by 4 pm
Sunday: 24 hours
Tuesday: before 10 am - after 3 pm
Wednesday: before 10 am - after 1 pm
Thursday: before 10 am - after 12 pm
Friday: 24 hours
Full Time
60 or more hours per month
Set weekly schedule
Priority in scheduling additional hours
Permanent storage
$1000 security deposit / first and last month’s rent required
$20 per hour includes rent and utilities
Part Time
Must purchase 24 hours min which can be broken up over time
Can book new hours 6 weeks in advance
$500 security deposit
$25 per hour includes rent and utilities

Contact Information