Mile High Commissary

Thank you for contacting Mile High Commissary for your commercial / commissary kitchen needs. We are open 7 days a week, 24 x 7.  
We have two kitchen areas - Kitchen #1 includes a double-stack electric convection oven, 2 induction burners, 30-quart mixer and 8 stainless tables. Kitchen #2 has 4 induction burners, single convection oven, 30-quart mixer and 5 stainless tables.
Common area:  3-bay sink, hand sink, mop sink, and 2-bay vegetable sink with disposal;  two 2-door freezers, and three 2-door refrigerators. Kitchen Aid Mixers, microwave, Ninja blender, Cuisinart and Breville food processors, immersion blender, proofing / warming cabinet, heat sealer, band sealer, trash and recycling bags, all cleaning supplies and small wares including pots and pans for induction burners (1 - 32 quart including rondo pots), stainless bowls, scales and 60-cup rice cooker.   We encourage customers to use our Green Source cleaning supplies, recycling bins, kitchen oil recycling barrel
Hourly rate is $20 an hour any time of day, 7 days per week. The monthly minimum to keep your licenses current is $100 of kitchen time (prepays first 5 hours of kitchen prep). 
To meet Colorado Health guidelines a Letter of Commissary is required to obtain your business/food license. Cost for Letter (s) is a one-time fee of $150.  The letter provided by Mile High Commissary is also used for food truck inspections.  Letters of Commissary are provided for all Colorado counties.
Contact me at (303) 905-5184 with questions or to schedule a tour. Tours by Appointment Only!!

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