Mile High Commissary

Thank you for contacting Mile High Commissary in Aurora off Chambers and Colfax for your commercial / commissary kitchen needs. We have 2000 square foot kitchens/warehouse with recycling 7 days a week, 24x7.
At this time we have two commercial kitchen areas - Main kitchen includes a double-stack electric convection oven with 7 shelves per oven, Induction Burner, 30-quart mixer, Kitchen Aid mixer, commercial microwave, numerous stainless tables and all smallwares for cooking and baking.
Second kitchen area has electric convection oven with 5 shelves, induction burner, Kitchen Aid Mixer, 30-quart mixer, commercial microwave,  numerous stainless tables and all smallwares for cooking ande baking prep. 
Three commercial refrigerators and a  two commercial freezer are provided for customer use.
Scales, blender, food processor, rolling pins, sheet pans, pots and pans, and numerous smallwares are available for customer use.  Trash bags and earth friendly cleaning supplies are provided as well.
Dry storage is the only additional expense at $25 per shelf, $50 per pallet.
Letters of Commissary for Tri County and Denver are provided at $150.  Commissary fee is $100 monthly which includes 5-7 hours of kitchen time.  Rates are $15 per hour after 4:00 PM - 7:00 AM.   $20 per hour 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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