Morrison Road Complex

The kitchen offers a friendly and secure atmosphere as the 2,000sq ft kitchen is equipped with a large variety of all your food preparation and cooking needs. The security cages located in our refrigeration, dry storage and freezer areas offer easy and secure access to your food items or equipment. Our brightly lit parking lots and state of the art video surveillance cameras add to your overall comfort.
Our focus is on providing a fully equipped, commercially licensed, shared use commissary kitchen. While designed with chefs, bakers, and specialty food makers in mind, we are flexible enough to support smaller uses as well. If you need the space for anything from preparing for a large party, to practicing for culinary school exams, to teaching a cooking class, we will be happy to accommodate. The kitchen is available for hourly rental, so you only have to pay for what you use. And while you're using it, we want it to be your kitchen. You won't have to deal with anybody else's mess, and you won't have to work around other chefs. Just make yourself at home, and start cooking.

» (5) Convection Ovens
» Bakers Aid Rotary Convection Oven
» Gas Stoves
» 20qt. & 60qt. Mixers
» Dual-Piston 20 gal. Filler Machine 
» 60 gal. & 80 gal. Steam Kettles with attached variable speed pump to filler
» NEW Autolabe Labeling Machine
» Grill
» Griddle
» Large capacity Steam Kettles
» Fryers

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