Private Kitchen Suites Available - Start your dream today!

We’re a full-service ghost kitchen, leasing kitchen suites to local restaurants to expand their pick-up and delivery business without the expense of building a new restaurant. 

ChefSuite began in 2020 when the restaurant industry took a hard hit. We’re here as your partner and guide to help you set up your restaurant concept in our delivery and pick-up facility. Lower costs, even less time, and all of the support you could ask for… launching your dream has never been easier!

Each suite is equipped with:
9-10’ CaptiveAire exhaust hood
Commercial use sinks
Gas/fire safety systems
Grease traps
Individual Tankless Water Heater

You have 24/7 access to our facility: 
Break room
Cold storage
Cooking oil removal system
Loading dock

We also provide:
3rd party app onboarding
Cleaning following specific COVID-19 guidelines
Financial reporting
Marketing and branding services
Pest control
Vendor referrals

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