Stepping Stone Kitchen

Stepping Stone Kitchen

Stepping Stone Kitchen, located in New Orlean's historic Riverbend Neighborhood provides a state-of-the-art, commercially licenced kitchen available at an affordable hourly rate for Louisiana's talented culinary entrepreneurs. We are passionate about helping you start or expand your business!


*60' range with ovens and 24" flatop                  

*Double convection oven                                 

*Tilt skillet                                                      

*30qt mixer                                                    

*8x15" walk in cooler                                      

*Reach in freezer                                             

*Reach in refridgerator                                      

*Ice machine


*Meat slicer

*301R Robot Coupe

*Commercial pannini grill

*Refridgerated sandwich prep station

*Two food prep sinks

*Dishwasher with a 2 minute cycle

*Two deep fryers

*Generator in the event of a power outage

*Full time manager on site

*Secure lockers for personal items

*Keyless entry system

*Security cameras and free Wi-Fi


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