Stock Pot Malden

Stock Pot Malden

Licensed commercial kitchen space totaling 7500 square feet, of which 1000 is private/dedicated for single or dual users with high-risk process. We are a culinary incubator with a full-time staff that provides permitting and licensing assistance, social media/online outreach services, brokerage opportunities, accounting/bookkeeping support, and culinary/operational coaching.

We're a small, friendly outfit with dozens of talented chefs already in-house, and who are always glad to provide some tips to the newer folks.  We welcome passionate and talented chefs who can embrace the spirit and kinship of our shared space; we learn from each other every day, and like it that way.

Affordable rentals start at $600/month and include storage, hot equipment usage, shared cookware library,guaranteed scheduling shifts. We bear the full cost of utilities and cleaning/sanitizing program to help save on overhead for our small and fledgling entrepreneurs.

Please call us or visit to sign up for our weekly Open House; we'd love to talk to you about how we can help launch or grow your business.

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