Sweet Bite Delights Commercial Kitchen

Sweet Bite Delights Commercial Kitchen

Sweet Bite Delights - Commercial Kitchen

The Sweet Bite Delights (SBD) kitchen was created to assist food entrepreneurs to become established in the market with interests in preserving local food products to sell in the local and global market.

Many potential food producers are unable to enter the market because of high cost of constructing a certified kitchen facility. The SBD kitchen offers an affordable shared kitchen to assist with this burden.

Application procedure

Food producers, chefs, bakers and caterers wishing to become client companies at the SBD kitchen must first complete an application and submit a non-refundable application fee of $15.00 USD.

SBD Fee Schedule for kitchen rental

Hours of use: Between 8:30am and 5:30pm. (For those interested in kitchen hours not during normal hours of operation must consult with the Sweet Bite Delights Management Team.)

Kitchen Use $10.00 USD per hour (4 hour minimum) but is subject to change. Florida state tax may be applicable - Discounts available with a 6 month signed Kitchen Operating Agreement to be discussed with Sweet Bite Delights Management Team.

Dry storage - Available on a first come first served basis. Client must provide their own lockable cabinet. Storage is at your own risk.

Cold Storage- Use of Refrigerator is available but limited. Storage is at your own risk.

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