TheCampus@Chantilly - MicroManufacturing Studios

TheCampus@Chantilly - MicroManufacturing Studios

We have a facility in Chantilly that is being converted to support small-scale manufacturers. The facility is currently home to:

  • Ono Brewing |
  • Riversea Chocolates |
  • Dano's Granola |
  • Doughboy Creamery |

If you are a small-scale manufacturer, IE - you produce a product that is packaged and sold in retail locations as well as your own location, then this may be a fit for your company. 

Our manufacturing studios start at 400sf with 3 year leases. 

If this fits your requirements and you would like to schedule a tour at our campus (4520 Daly Drive, Chantilly VA 20151), please let me know.

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